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Mystricism - A non theistic spirituality

March 11, 2024

By Andy F

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Dear friends

Recently, and by chance, I ran into a fellow twelve-stepper on social media. His name is Duncan M., and he’s from Australia. I was fascinated by his non-theistic understanding of spirituality and a higher power. Duncan feels so passionate about the efficacy of his non-God-centered approach to spirituality that he created a community for like-minded people.

He founded a non-theistic system of ideas called Mystricism. Let him tell you more about the community he has founded. It’s a fascinating and thought-provoking idea for anyone seeking a spiritual path but remaining an atheist or agnostic. In fact, Duncan calls himself an agnostic atheist.*

*Agnostic atheist – An agnostic claims they do not KNOW if god(s) exists.  An atheist does not BELIEVE in god(s).  An agnostic atheist does not believe BECAUSE they do not know.

Duncan M and Mystricism

My name is Duncan, and I am a food addict and overeater.

For those of us in AA, NA, or OA who identify as atheists, agnostics, or freethinkers, reconciling the program’s notion of “higher powers” with a rational worldview can be challenging. My experience in Overeaters Anonymous (OA) highlighted this struggle, as the traditional higher power concept conflicted with my agnostic atheism. My journey led me to Mystricism, where I found a philosophical framework harmonizing with my beliefs.

Core Principles of Mystricism:

Mystricism is grounded in kindness, naturalism, honesty, humility, and a naturalistic (non-supernatural) spirituality. It endorses the scientific method as the foundation for understanding reality, embracing a spirituality that respects the mysteries of the universe without invoking the paranormal.

The Unknown is our Higher Power:

Mystricism’s approach to the higher power concept uniquely appeals to skeptics in recovery. It finds spiritual depth and humility in the universe’s mysteries, encouraging a reverence (respect and awe) for the unknown that aligns with a rational, evidence-based outlook.

A Path Forward for Freethinkers in Recovery:

Mystricism presents an option for those seeking to incorporate a naturalized spirituality into their recovery journey without compromising their intellectual integrity. It shows that spirituality and rationality can coexist, offering a meaningful way to engage with the mysteries of the universe as a source of strength, inspiration, and, above all, humility.

In fellowship,

Duncan M




The snail depicted in the image of this blog is the symbol Duncan uses on his website and the logo for the non-theistic spiritual community he founded.

β€œThe Cosmic Snail symbolizes our commitment to naturalism and rational inquiry, reflecting slow but steady progress akin to the fable of the Tortoise and the Hare. Its spiral shell symbolizes the universal patterns found in nature and the cosmos. The snail’s optimistic posture and inquisitive antennae embody our positive outlook and quest for truth.”

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