AA service work

Service in AA

June 14, 2023

By Andy F

Categories: Alcoholics Anonymous

An inconvenient truth Not long after arriving in AA, when the alcoholic fog cleared, it became easier to absorb what I heard at meetings. In chapter five of the AA Big Book, on page 62, Bill W, the author of the Big Book, makes the following statement: “Selfishness – self–centeredness! That, we think, is the root of our […]

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David B – A “Top Gun” AA sponsor

David B A "Top Gun" AA sponsor

June 2, 2023

By Andy F

Categories: Sponsorship

R.I.P. Deceased 15th January 1998 Who was David B? The history of AA in the UK would not be complete without mentioning David B. In the ’70s, ’80s, and 90’s, David became a well-known and somewhat controversial figure. He was the founder member of the “Vision for you” group. They had a reputation for being […]

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What is a higher power?

Higher Power

April 16, 2023

By Andy F

Categories: Higher Power

The God of my childhood In childhood, I had negative experiences with my primary caregivers. My foster Mother was a very religious woman. As I was growing up, all I experienced in that family was rejection and shaming. God’s love was nowhere to be seen. At ten years old, I was sent to a Catholic […]

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