Podcast: AA Journey from Darkness to Light.

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December 11, 2020

By Andy F

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My Life Story as an Agnostic Alcoholic

A well known website for Agnostic alcoholics in AA recently interveiwed me. This is my life story and struggle with the twelve steps as an agnostic in AA. It has been been a resurrection from the living death of chronic alcoholism to a new life in sobriety. It’s hasn’t allways been easy but I now know what the Big Book means when it tells us that we can be “happy, joyous and free” (BB The Family Afterward, p.133)

My First Podcast about my struggle with the God word in AA

If you are an agnostic alcoholic in AA and struggle with the God word, or any notion of an unseen Higher Power, I invite you to listen to my story below. My hope is that it will encorage you to take twelve steps. They will transform your life!

This is the first in a series of weekly podcasts. They will be about my journey as a non-believer towards happy and contented sobriety.

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Andy F

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