Podcast: What is sponsorship in Alcoholics Anonymous?


March 6, 2021

By Andy F

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Is attendance at AA meetings enough?

When an alcoholic comes to AA, going to plenty of meetings is considered enough to ensure sobriety. Newcomers are encouraged to go to ’90 meetings in 90 days‘. Soon, the alcoholic fog begins to clear. AA then offers a plan of recovery. It involves going through the twelve steps with a sponsor. Every new member is affected by the illness differently and to varying degrees. Some members need professional psychiatric intervention to help them stay sober.

Get a sponsor when you are ready to change your life!

When the alcoholic is ready, he needs to start dealing with the three-fold illness. In AA, the three aspects of the illness are seen as ‘mental, physical, and spiritual. Physical abstinence addresses only one aspect of alcoholism. The mental and spiritual parts respond only to the twelve steps.

It is impossible to go through the steps without the guidance of an experienced sponsor. Working with a kind and loving sponsor helps the alcoholic to achieve more honesty, open-mindedness, and willingness. They are known as the three principles of AA. It is impossible to achieve a happy and contented sobriety without them.

So, what is sponsorship in Alcoholics Anonymous?

Andy F will share his rich and varied experiences with many different types of sponsorship. As a serial relapser who kept going back out drinking, he has had at least twenty sponsors since coming to AA. He has learned over the years to tell the difference between good and less competent sponsors.

I hope you enjoy the podcast.

In fellowship

Andy F

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