Podcast: The Dry Drunk in AA – Untreated Alcoholism

The dry drunk - untreated alcoholism

February 6, 2021

By Andy F

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What on earth is a dry drunk? In Alcoholics Anonymous, a dry drunk is a negative state of mind that alcoholics sometimes have to endure after they have stopped drinking. Another expression used in AA to describe this unfortunate phenomenon is untreated alcoholism.

An incredible and powerful solution!

How can an alcoholic be suffering from untreated alcoholism when they have stopped drinking? A dry drunk is the natural default state for many alcoholics after putting down alcohol. In Dr Silkworth’s words, they remain “restless, irritable, and discontent” (BB XXVIII “The doctor’s opinion”) as dry alcoholics.

I suffered from the dry drunk syndrome for many years. When I got the so-called gift of desperation, I got a sponsor who took me through the twelve steps. Getting a good sponsor was the best decision I ever made. Here is the full story……….

I hope you enjoy the podcast.

In fellowship

Andy F

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